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Whole home water filtration

Aqua Life Texas is proud to offer the Westinghouse Progressive Series water refiner, a whole home water filtration system that can offer many benefits to you and your family. The Westinghouse Progressive Series water refiner creates clean soft water to use for drinking, laundry and bathing.

By using EcoFlow regeneration, water brining and true-flow media our water filtration system can achieve industry-leading water conservation and extend the life of filtering materials. In order to deliver the cleanest, softest water possible to every single tap in your home, our whole home water filtration system has a four stage filtration process. Read more about each of these four steps below.

High microporosity granular activated carbon

Activated carbon is the first step in the process, its large surface area is ideal for the removal organic compounds, chlorine and trihalomethanes which are commonly found in tap water as a by-product of cleaning source water before it is delivered to your home.

BlackCat® Ion Exchange Media

BlackCat® ion exchange media is a proprietary engineered resin which serves to eliminate positively charge ions found in water by running the water through small electrically charged beads. The beads help to remove calcium and magnesium from water replacing them with sodium ions in the process. After these undesirable ions are removed, water becomes significantly softer and clear water iron is reduced. Without this essential step, the ions could lead to lime scale deposits which can shorten the life of various appliances, leave stains on dishes and faucets, and interfere with the effectiveness of soaps.

Bacteriostat 55

Bacteriostat 55 is a media that removes bacteria, algae, fungi and other organic material from your home’s water. In addition to the organic materials, it can also remove 99% of dissolved metals including lead, nickel and mercury. By using the chemical process of redox, which creates new molecules via the transfer of electrons, harmful contaminants are quickly turned into harmless ones.

Garnet Filtration Media

Garnet filtration is the final step in the process. It is primarily responsible for ensuring that water is as clear as possible after filtration is complete. Additionally this step increases the surface area of the lower distributer and reduces water channeling as water flows through the refiner.*

Garnet filtration is utilized in Progressive and Assurance series Refiners and is not utilized in the Revolution® Series refiners.