• LIbni Rodriguez - Houston, TX

    This company it s the best ever, so happy with the service and the really great quality, they take care so much of their customers... that's why I give my 5 stars and I for sure recommend this service and products to my friends and family . Thanks for everything, keeping the families enjoying  a great quality of water.

    LIbni Rodriguez - Houston, TX
  • Haley Prest - Dallas, TX
    Great customer service! We got the soft water and filtration system along with the RO system. This is the best decision we have made. We no longer have to buy bottles of water or use a Brita filter thanks to the RO. The soft water and filtration system is amazing we get soft water and our dishes no longer have those annoying spots after we run the dishwasher. My daughter's face no longer breaks out and the water doesn't have a weird odor anymore.
    Haley Prest - Dallas, TX
  • Melissa Johnson - Ponder, TX
    We purchased Aqua Life... It was a lifesaver. Within a few days, my baby’s skin cleared up. The dry patches on my two oldest went away. I have noticed my hair becoming soft and luscious again the best part is I can now cook and drink my home's water (instead of bottled water). I would HIGHLY recommend this water treatment.
    Melissa Johnson - Ponder, TX
  • Breanna Richey - Fort Worth, TX
    Great customer service! We worked directly with Marshall and he was very helpful and responsive through the whole process. We love how soft our water is now and it no longer smells like chlorine!
    Breanna Richey - Fort Worth, TX

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The benefits of owning a Westinghouse whole-home water refinement & drinking system:

These are just some of the benefits from choosing a Westinghouse system from Aqua Life! Check below to see all the features and benefits!

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Discover the benefits of whole-home water refinement!


Today, people face many water challenges. Your water may taste bad, look bad and even feel bad. It may cause a variety of challenges throughout the home that lead to aggravation and expense.

So what can you do about this? Schedule a free water test today and learn how you can save your family money, and yourself time, simply by installing a Westinghouse Water Refiner in your home.

Clean, fresh water throughout your entire home.

You can trust that your household water will be clean & fresh when you install Westinghouse Water Refiners and Westinghouse Drinking Water Systems. The Westinghouse Progressive Revolution Series water refiner is an advanced version of our already outstanding Progressive Series refiner. It delivers leading-edge efficiency and performance with its brilliantly innovative design.

It works around the clock ensuring that your entire house receives the trouble-free benefits of refined, clean, soft water. Not only will your clothes and linens be softer, brighter and last longer, but your fixtures and water-using appliances will be beautifully free of water spots, scaling, soap scum and other water quality issues.