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About Leander Water Quality

The City of Leander purchases surface water to provide drinking water to the public. As surface water travels over land it dissolves both naturally occurring materials and radioactive materials. These contaminants can reach levels where it it becomes dangerous to human consumption. To remove these toxins, water is treated through plants and cleaned to be ready for public use. The EPA has restrictions on the amount of contaminants allowed in public water, and while these restrictions exists contaminants can still occur in the water.

Leander put together a water quality report for the year 2014 (water report) and found that all EPA standards were met and there were no violations for the amount of contaminants in the water. While the report had no violations, amounts of contaminants can still be found in the water. The report found 3.11 ppb of Bromodichloremethane, a byproduct of drinking water disinfection, in the water supply. Trace amounts of lead and copper were also found.

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