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About Jarrell Water Quality

Two companies provide the majority of drinking water for Jarrell, TX. The first, Jarrell Schwertner Water Supply Company, obtains the majority of its water in the form of ground water drawn from the Edwards Aquifer. The other company is the Central Texas Water Supply Corporation which gets most of its water in the form of surface water drawn from Lake Stillhouse Hollow. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality conducted a thorough analysis of both sources of water and results indicate that some of the water sources can be susceptible to certain types of contaminants.

In a 2014 water quality report, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality determined that the drinking water in Jarrell is safe for consumption. However, there were several contaminants which still registered in weaker concentrations. Many of the contaminants are a result of the industrial drilling and farming near Jarrell and include Barium, Cyanide and Nitrate. Aqua Life whole home water filtration helps to reduce or eliminate the presence of these harmful contaminants to leave your water clear, clean and safe.

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